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Copper Anodized

Innovative panels designed for a better tomorrow

Elevate your projects with our cutting-edge metal wall panels, seamlessly merging sustainability and style.

What Sets
Dri-Design Apart?

We aspire to reshape the boundaries of architectural potential, seamlessly blending innovation and sustainability. Our commitment goes beyond design, striving to inspire a harmonious coexistence between structures and the environment for a brighter, better tomorrow. 

No Silicone Sealants Dri-Design eliminates the need for petroleum-based joint sealants or gaskets, saving both fossil fuels and future maintenance costs.
Recycled & Recyclable Crafted from recycled metal, Dri-Design wall panels are not only 100% recyclable but also designed for versatile repurposing.
No VOC's Our environmentally conscious Kynar paint providers utilize a 100% air capture system, destroying VOCs with a regenerative thermal oxidizer to ensure no adverse environmental impact. 
No Plastics Our single-skin technology stands out from MCM competitors by not having a plastic core. This feature contributes to conservation efforts by helping save fossil fuels.
Efficient Manufacturing Utilizing highly automated equipment, Dri-Design panels are efficiently crafted, resulting in significant savings on energy costs.
Quick Installation The swift installation of Dri-Design wall panels not only ensures efficiency but also contributes to energy savings.
Planet P-13

Our mission is to propel a net-zero emissions future for the built environment, prioritizing people and the planet.

Featured Projects

Explore our showcase of featured projects. From cutting-edge designs to sustainable solutions, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. 

Introducing Bellara

Mimic nature, without the maintenance. Bellara is the all-in-one answer to your design needs. 

  • Hyper-realistic biophilic design intended to improve health and wellness to engage and relax the mind.
  • Snapping lock feature engineered for an easy installation.
  • Protection you can count on. Bellara offers a 40-year warranty.
  • 16 color options to meet your vision.




Interested in one of our sustainable products?

Drop us a line. Our collections are tailored to meet your exact needs.