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The Future of Construction Visualization

Dive into our 3D Viewer Lite design tool for an enhanced exploration of construction details. Visualize standard finishes, customize panel colors, and use features like "Explode" and "Assemble" for a detailed examination of components.

  • Explode & Assemble
  • Transparency Mode
  • Cut Plane View

Dynamic Exploration

Embark on an interactive exploration experience through the utilization of our "Explode & Assemble" feature, allowing you to dynamically disassemble and reassemble components, providing a hands-on and insightful way to examine the intricate details and relationships within our model.


Immersive View

Augment your understanding and acquire deeper insights by immersing yourself in the transparent mode, a feature that allows you to visually penetrate the layers of the model, providing a comprehensive view of its internal structure, relationships, and finer details, thereby facilitating a more thorough comprehension of the overall design or composition.


Enhanced Examination

Leverage the power of our cut plane view feature to delve into a new dimension of analysis and exploration. With this functionality, you can precisely slice through the model, revealing cross-sectional details and gaining a comprehensive understanding of its internal components.



Coordinate with our 2D Details

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