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Anodized Aluminum

Anodizing seamlessly merges scientific precision with the innate qualities of nature, resulting in one of the finest metal finishes globally. By enhancing the natural oxidation process through the infusion of electricity and chemicals, a robust surface seamlessly integrates with the aluminum, revealing its inherent variations in color. This enduring and aesthetically pleasing finish, available in a myriad of shades, complements the Dri-Design system seamlessly, offering a perfect pairing of durability and beauty.

Product Highlights

  • Premium metal finish

  • Enhanced durability

  • Natural color variation


Technical Information

  • System Depth
  • Material
  • Material Thickness
  • Panel Joints
  • Finish
  • Weight
  • Finish Warranty
  • Maximum Panel Sizes
1 1/4” nominal
.080" (standard)
1/2" nominal standard
(1/8" to 1" available)
Clear, Light Bronze, Dark Bronze, Medium Bronze, Copper, Champagne and Black Anodized
<2 pounds per square foot
5 year standard
(10 year available)